Monday, December 8, 2008


Hello all, I've been MIA the past few months as I've been busy trying to get my site up ( In the past month, I have gotton my logo and banners redone. I am also learning more and more about marketing Cozy Aromas online and offline. Hopefully, I can really start using this blog to my advantage and communicate with you all on an consistant bases. I am adding my banner and logo to this blog for you all to see, feel free to leave comments good or bad, and feel free to visit my site (, although it's an work in progress I am dillegently trying to get it together. While you're there feel free to sign up for my newsletter to be the first one to know of our Grand Opening, upcoming sales, and new products.

Until next time,



Michelle said...

I think your website and banner are fantastic! I love the bright candles. It is looking really good :)

Donna said...

Hey Pam! I just went check out your site... I love your topper! Real pretty!

I think your banner is great! You're doing such a great job!