Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The First Day of Fall

It's official, yesterday was the "First day of Fall" for the year of 2008. Fall is my favorite season besides spring. I just love the crisp cool nights of September and October. The shedding of the leaves in bright orange, yellow and reds brings back fond memories of growing up in Ohio.

As a young child growing up in the Midwest, the first day of fall usually meant that football season was in full effect especially in Cleveland, OH. Every week consisted of watching either the Ohio State Buckeyes or the Cleveland Browns. No matter if they won or lost it was just nice to watch the game, eat an bratwurst and have a good time. The beginning of fall also meant that crisp cool nights would soon began and that the summer was fading away. For most, the begining of fall meant the beginning of the Holiday Season. Many will begin to decide what their little ones will be wearing on Halloween night or finalizing travel plans for Thanksgiving.

This year I want to make sure my sons experience Fall, the way I did as an young child growing up in Ohio. This year we will pick out our own pumpkin to make homemade pumpkin seeds and maybe enjoy an night at Stone Mountain park during their Pumpkin Festival. No matter how you and your family celebrate the Fall Season, make sure it's one that will create memories of an lifetime and have fun!!!!

Product Pics coming soon in the following fragrances:

Chocolate Orange Soap
Pumpkin Souffle Candle
Pumpkin Brulee Soap
Warm Apple Pie


Michelle said...

I agree, Fall is the best time of year. I always look forward to the leaves changing colors. One thing I do with the girls each year is rake up all the leaves in a big pile and let them jump in for hours upon hours and take lots of pictures. Your sons will have so much fun with the pumpkins. I love pumpkin seeds.

Suds to Love said...

YAY for Fall scented soaps!

Mona said...

Hi there I was looking for some inspiration to get me started on another craft, such as making soap, I have a blog too and a website, having a business has been a goal of mine since I was a teenager. I hope you will continue to blog and take pictures of your supplies, many people will come to your blog if you blog regularly, I have to get started again too. I hope to see more of you on your blog take care!